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By Cack Wilhelm, Jason Kong, Army Tunjaicon, Eric Liaw, and Tom Loverro

We have just, today, announced a Series C investment in Cribl, and we are excited to share the news. Cribl is made up of a world-class group of people who are focused on making control and flexibility a possibility for observability teams, removing the trade-offs between storing/analyzing more data vs. spending more time/money. If cost were no object, most teams would store more data.

Cribl provides an ‘observability pipeline’ built to route security and machine data to where it has the most value to a business. With Cribl…

By Tom Loverro, Ajay Vashee, Eric Liaw, and James Black

Today, IVP is proud to announce our investment in TaxBit, the leading tax and accounting software provider for the digital economy. We couldn’t be more thrilled to co-lead TaxBit’s $130M Series B to support CEO Austin Woodward and the entire TaxBit team on the road ahead.

Here’s why we invested:

Crypto Proliferation = Large and Growing Market Opportunity

Over the last decade, cryptocurrency has grown from an obscure idea to mainstream adoption, with the market cap of all cryptocurrencies recently surpassing $1 trillion USD. And crypto proliferation has brought the…

By Ajay Vashee with support from Somesh Dash, Jason Kong, and James Black

Everybody Loves Email, Right?

Like many, I spend hours every day in my email. Email is fundamental to how we communicate. But if you ask people about their inboxes, nobody says they spark joy. More often, we reflect on email as a necessary evil, a flawed experience, and a source of anxiety.

The consumerization of IT empowered knowledge workers to choose tools like Dropbox and Zoom. Slow and cumbersome VPNs transformed into convenient cloud storage. It used to be a nightmare to join video calls without IT…

Baiju Bhatt and Vlad Tenev, Co-Founders of Robinhood

By Louisa Xu, Eric Liaw

A year and a half ago, the world seemed to be coming to an end. Robinhood had just experienced two well-publicized engineering outages and offices around the world were shutting down due to the pandemic. This was when we at IVP decided to make the biggest single investment in the history of our firm in Robinhood, believing it had the potential to become a generation-defining financial services company with the potential to allow millions of people to take greater control over their financial futures.

Robinhood’s mission is to democratize the financial system for everyone, regardless…

By Jules Maltz

Four years ago, our team flew to Tallinn, Estonia to visit Wise (then called TransferWise), an international payments company with a mission to provide a fast, affordable, and transparent way to send money abroad. We spent the entire day with the executive team and came away especially impressed with the founders Kristo Käärmann and Taavet Hinrikus. They had a clear mission to build money without borders — disrupting the existing banking system by creating new infrastructure to power the movement of money around the globe. …

By Steve Harrick

One of the aspects I appreciate most about venture capital is that our industry marries revolutionary ideas with pragmatism. In 1999, two former lawyers, Brian Liu and Brian Lee wondered what would happen if fundamental legal resources were made available to everyone via the internet. They began with basic forms and documents and moved quickly toward regulatory compliance, company formation, wills, and estate planning. In 2000, the young company went out to raise its Series A financing when the Internet bubble uttered a resounding “pop”. …

By Parsa Saljoughian, Eric Liaw, Army Tunjaicon, and Ajay Vashee

In recent years, combat sports have seen tremendous growth due to the rising popularity of the UFC. But these sports are no longer just battle sports… the unique strength, cardio, and stress-relieving benefits of the movements has turned them a popular fitness option for the masses. FightCamp has quickly emerged as a market leader in this category, starting with an accessible, at-home boxing experience. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Khalil Zahar, Tommy Duquette, Jerome Rousseau, Patrick Chandler, Alex Marcotte, Alexandre Lapointe and the entire company as part…

By Tom Loverro, Karthik Ramakrishnan, Jules Maltz, and Cack Wilhelm

Today, IVP is thrilled to announce our investment in Paper, the leading B2B educational support system and provider of high-dosage tutoring for K-12 school districts across North America. IVP is the lead investor in a $100M Series C round, and Tom Loverro will join the board as a Director as part of the fundraise. We are so excited about Paper because of both the tremendous market opportunity and the company’s execution to date. Paper grew over 8x in 2020 and is poised to continue its hypergrowth at scale in 2021…

By Karthik Ramakrishnan, Parsa Saljoughian, Eric Liaw, and Somesh Dash

Today, IVP is thrilled to announce our investment in Dream Games, a next-generation mobile gaming company and developer of the fast-growing casual puzzle title Royal Match. IVP is participating in Dream Games’s $155 million Series B financing alongside existing investors Index Ventures, Makers Fund, Balderton Capital, and new investor Kora. At IVP, we have had the good fortune of partnering with some of the most successful gaming companies over the past decade, including Supercell, Niantic, Discord, and Zynga. …

By: Ajay Vashee, Parsa Saljoughian, Jason Kong, and Becca Faust

In 2009, Apple debuted the slogan, “There’s an app for that.” Today, it would be more accurate to say, “There are many apps for that.” It’s no longer enough to build something functional. Great products are now defined as those with great design — from user interface and experience, to graphics and aesthetics.

IVP is honored to be part of Figma’s latest fundraise. Nearly a decade ago, Figma’s co-founders Dylan Field and Evan Wallace started a journey to bring creative tools online by leveraging WebGL, transforming the single-player, offline world…


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